Virtual Summary of an Entrepreneurship Conference {AZEC12 Coverage – Pt.1}

Originally, I intended to spend the whole day at my favorite local annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference, AZEC12 , themed: The End of Business as Usual, yet several other items slowly entered my world on the same day – sound familiar?!  What to do?  Well, whenever I am faced with a perceived negative, I do my best to flip it into a positive, so I made the decision to fulfill my promises and use the day as a virtual experiment.  Guess what?!

It turned out to be the best kind of experiment, one where you have no idea what the outcome looks like
and it ends up better than you could have originally imagined.

In addition to being able to be a part of 3 major events that occurred in the same day:

  1. Bob Costas accepting the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism
  2. Francine Hardaway accepting the Arizona Entrepreneurial Leadership Award
  3. Ellen Degeneres accepting the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor

I was able to take care of several obligations and learn a lot … all accomplished from one location… my computer.

Yes, I was very lucky because I didn’t have to fight traffic or catch a flight, but I did miss out on offline face-to-face interactions, which leads me to the point of this blog and the collaboratively approved theme of our #localAZ 2012 entrepreneurial event… “The End of Business as Usual

This is our new reality. 

Which do you choose…online or offline or both?

I hope you choose “both” and can figure out how to navigate, engage, and enjoy your time in both of these social worlds…which is our new reality.

So, if you are also an entrepreneur who wants to make your mark on the world, I hope that we can all be successful together by collaborating and channeling the journalistic integrity of Bob Costas mixed in with the entrepreneurial dedication of Francine Hardaway, along with a dash of ingenious humor from Ellen Degeneres, while avoiding these common landmines* and keeping these quotes** in mind as we all strive to communicate effectively with each other and contribute our own unique value and service to put Arizona Entrepreneurship on the map!


*Common Social Landmines:
S.A.S.               Shrinking Attention Span
S.O.S.               Shiny Object Syndrome
F.O.M.O.          Fear Of Missing Out
The oulda’s     Shouda, Coulda, Woulda


**K.I.S.S. Quotes:

“Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short.” ~Henry David Thoreau

“You’ll have to excuse my lengthiness—the reason I dread writing letters is because I am so apt to get to slinging wisdom & forget to let up.
Thus much precious time is lost.” ~ Mark Twain



Please note: “The End of Business as Usual” is the same title of a new book by Brian Solis, a speaker from AZEC11, who approved use of his original book title for this conference.

Per Francine Hardaway via AZEC12 website: “We asked Brian Solis if we could use the title of his new book as the theme for this year’s conference, because the biggest trend we see nationally and globally, affecting businesses of any size — startups or established enterprises — is the headlong movement of even staid, non technical businesses toward social.”

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