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3 steps to create brand confidence

Did you know that many people who feel and act confident now, didn’t feel that way at first? Want to know their secret? Confident people aren’t in a battle with their feelings, so if you are trying to control your feelings, try allowing them to be there instead of controlling them. This will free your…

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Branding Lessons from Sculptures

While in Chicago, I was enthralled with two sculptures because of the non-stop crowds that they drew.  It was fascinating to watch the variety of interactions and joyful responses from the crowds. Even though I had already seen one of these sculptures three times, my eyes were re-opened.  It inspired this blog in hopes that…

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Re-branding Before & After Success Story

Starbucks knows what it’s like to be re-branded {4 times since 1971}…  I know what it is like to be re-branded… but do YOU know what it is like?  It isn’t just about the logo, so this re-branding story from a local entrepreneur, Dena Patton, should help you out! How did you feel BEFORE re-branding?

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If the “Why?” is BIG enough, the “How?” will follow

I wish more people would think of the “Why?” instead of “How?” because it is the reason: Why the business exists. Why customers would want to buy from you. Why employees should want to come to work. Why partners should join forces with you. Why entrepreneurs should stay dedicated to making their dreams come true!

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Branding Story – ‘The Vanilla Ice Project’

I always love a good branding story, and hope you enjoy this one with an interesting twist. If ‘Vanilla Ice’ doesn’t sound familiar to you — he was a rapper in the 1990’s, but that is not what this story is about.  It is about Rob Van Winkle discovering a passion for real estate and renovation, having an odd appeal,…

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Does Your Brand Perception Match Your Brand Reality? Find Out!