The Blogging Struggle and a 1, 2, 3 Solution

Being that it is the first week of the year, I’m sure you are experiencing some kind of struggle in your life.  Struggle is not bad, it is what makes you competent and builds character, but, only if you push through the struggle. In November, I vowed to blog every Friday instead of every month and was always one week ahead until the holidays and travel delays hit.

My plan was to use the hour plus airplane ride to write it up today and then my seatmate started talking and didn’t stop.  Luckily, it was a great conversation which turned into a wonderful connection, so I went with the moment.  At my next free time slot, I pulled out my laptop and started mapping out my schedule for a weekend conference while the blog topic loomed in front of me.  Suddenly, I remembered something I saw on the TV before I boarded the plane about golfing (I’m not a golfer, but the 1, 2, 3 approach always draws me in) and how it can solve a struggle, no matter how big or small:

  1. Plan.
  2. Execute.
  3. Accept the results.

StruggleQuoteSimple, yet so true and I really like how #3 is worded – accept the results.  Even if the results are bad, you can still learn something.  I learned that I don’t like the feeling of being behind schedule.  I planned, but I didn’t execute and now I’m accepting the results.  I’m holed up in a hotel room when I could be out having some fun, but I’m delivering on my promise to myself.  It feels good and I have learned my lesson.

The first key to building a successful brand is to always deliver on your promises, no matter how big or small the promise or person is.  Let’s face it, most of us fulfill obligations to everyone else first and ourselves last, which will erode your personal integrity and chip away at your confidence.  For 2014, my New Year wish for you is to not forget the promises you make to yourself …  just start slow, stay determined and take things one step at a time and you will see great results.

If you are struggling to stay consistent on your blog here is a great read that helped me get this blog written on point and on time!

Get to the Point: 5 Storytelling Tips for Bloggers By Judy Lee Dunn on


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