Triple the Effectiveness of Your Branding Efforts

Want to learn how to triple the effectiveness of your branding efforts?  Simply enhance and improve communication of your benefits, and realize a dramatic improvement in your branding results.  Understanding benefits from the customers’ perspective is imperative for success, so let’s explore what benefits are and what features are.

Benefits are what make your customers life easier, more enjoyable, more exciting, and more rewarding.  Benefits are solutions to your customer’s day-to-day problems.  Benefits are what customers pay for.  Benefits are the only profitable way to bring new customers to your business.

Customers will continue to act the same, until they come across an overtly appealing alternative benefit to their problem.  Customers will get excited and take notice of your product or service only when they perceive that it offers them a benefit.

Benefits are not features.  Benefits are what’s in it for the customer.  A benefit is what your customer receives, enjoys or experiences in exchange for his time, trouble, trust or money.  Features are the facts, figures, technology and details that make up the structure of your product or service.  Features can enable benefits.  If you don’t communicate the benefit, it is left to the customer to derive and determine why the feature is of importance.  And the more work required of customers, the less sales return you will realize.

With great honesty and thinking, look at your benefit statement from the perspective of a customer who is being introduced to your business for the first time.

  • Is the benefit communicated in a clear and obvious manner?
  • Is the message specific about what’s in it for the customer?
  • Does the idea excite interest?
  • Is the concept clearly unique compared to what the competition is offering?

You don’t need clever wordplay to win customers.  Simply telling customers in a direct and easy-to-understand manner what you can do for them, can nearly triple your chances of success.

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