Understanding the re-branding process with postings from facebook

What people usually mean when they start talking re-branding is wanting to put a new spin on things. They want to change perceptions without changing the business or the way they do or think about things. Most think that once they get that cool new logo or business card design, everything will be different. But the inside hasn’t changed, which is why just getting re-designed doesn’t work.  This is the equivalent of putting a fancy new outfit on the same, tired body. Everyone knows that the same body is under that new wardrobe, and won’t believe it’s a new you. If you want a successful re-branding, it goes much deeper than that, so I thought these facebook postings from a recent re-branding client, Dena Patton, can help you understand how the re-branding process feels:

Dec 13 — I am SO SO blessed and beyond thankful for the team I have helping me through this branding/launch process!

Jan 3 —  Stop focusing on the way it needs to look and embrace a way of being. Makes perfect sense to me.

Jan 5 — K I’ve gone through branding, social media, website transformations in the last four weeks for our launch and boy am I excited to change things UP! I haven’t even got to the video and sales stuff yet. It’s a full plate but yummy stuff!

Jan 5 — Everything I do with this launch comes down to four words: simple, useful, beautiful (design) and inspirational. If it’s not those words we don’t do it. Having these guiding words makes the process much more clear (and fun!).

Jan 10 — I feel super super blessed to have a team of freelancers who are working so hard to help my vision become reality! I run two businesses and a nonprofit ALL through virtual teams/freelancers and each one of them is a GIFT!!!! We are in the final stretch of very long to-do lists and we are gettin’ it done, done, done!

Jan 19 — Today is a big day!

Jan 20 – 1 week to launch. Someone send me more chocolate!! 🙂

Jan 27 — My fingers hurt. My legs hurt. My eyes hurt. I think I need a chocolate break AWAY from the computer!

Jan 31 — I’m in the final days before launching two major things. My mind goes from the massive to do list… to chocolate…. to SQUIRREL! Focus Dena. Focus. Focus. Focus. Thanks for listening 🙂

This comment from Joan Jakel serves as great re-branding advice: “Words can be such great road maps! And a great tool when assessing – does it fit in one of these 4? Yes, it stays; No it goes. Life is easy and delightful.”  Oh yeah, chocolate can help too 🙂

Small thinking leads to small actions which leads to small results… Think BIG and change your life. You will make the most impact and the most money when you become 100% yourself.


I hope you are starting to realize that you are communicating your brand every day, in every way. Just be you, fulfill what you promise and always give your best.

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