Special Blog: Virtual Summary of an Entrepreneurship Conference {AZEC12 Coverage – Pt. 2}

As you know, nothing can replace experiencing an event “live” but as I explained in part 1, life happens and…
“Missing events in person doesn’t mean you have to completely miss them!” @DCutlerAZ

Please allow me to set the context of this experiment…

The 2012 Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference took place at Gangplank in Chandler…desks were cleared and chairs were set up to create this temporary collaborative conference space. Several attendees exclaimed, “Amazing how it transforms!” and “Almost doesn’t look like @GPChandler ”  I decided to conduct an experiment to participate in 3 events while getting some work done to see what it would feel like and if I could still capture the essence and spirit of an event from a computer.  It was a fun experiment and I learned a lot about good tweets, bad tweets and techniques on how to piece together fragmented sound bytes and of course, practice my writing, research and summarizing skills.

The key word of the future that needs to be understood and deployed is “context” but even if you weren’t there, you can still learn some valuable nuggets that were dispensed throughout the day!  Here is a summary of my short, intermittent coverage via Tweets using 1 of these 3 hashtags: #local #azec12 #phx and 10 minutes of live streaming video…

Top 3 business climate facts:

  1. We are in a knowledge economy
  2. Our capital consists of human beings
  3. Individual credentials, uniqueness and compelling communication are essential

Top 3 success factors:

  1. Figure out how to be sustainable
  2. Learn how to collaborate and innovate
  3. Communicate with clear and concise messaging

Want to play to win?  Here are the rules:

  1. Offer solutions, not complaints or problems
  2. Flip negative viewpoints or stigmas into a positive ones
  3. Find your own unique way to offer added value or service

Top 3 notable events:

  1. I LUV that @propelarizona is launching at #azec12 !! Go CJ!! And way to kill the negative legal industry view of crowdfunding! via @1Tap
  2. We are in a season of history that is ripe for entrepreneurial success. @scottmartineau via @DallinHarris
  3. Shocker! @dneighbors makes me cry with compliments at #AZEC12 via @hardaway Photo here.

Top 3 pieces of business advice from specific speakers:

  1. How do you stay with your values, what is your purpose as a business? Re-check as you grow.
    via @DCutlerAZ re: The Social Enterprise talk by @rawn
  2. When you put one system in place, it frees up time and energy. Be a “harvester” in your business rather than a “hunter.”
    via @boldave_steph Re: Lifecycle Marketing talk by @scottmartineau
  3. Passion: sometimes you need it just to keep going and survive the storm.via @DwightKnowlton Re: Startup Lessons Learned by @markrukavina

BONUS personal favorite tweet: Big companies don’t strategize enough. Small ones tend to strategize too little. Strategy has a place.
via @boldave_steph Re: Building Companies in Arizona by @jeffreypruit


This was my favorite part {by chance?!} happened to be my free time to check out 10 minutes of the live streaming video…
The Importance of Design Thinking byWard Andrews, Drawbackwards
who according to @susanbaierreminded her of why he’s such a rock star and thinks that the guy is just full of brilliant insights.

Here is one of them:

  • Design drives innovation.
  • Innovation powers a brand.
  • Brand builds loyalty.
  • Loyalty builds profits.

Bottom line: Design matters, so learn to train your eye and when building your product or service {or website!!}
think about the look, feel, functionality & overall user experience aspects of design.

Top 3 thank you’s to the organizers: Francine Hardaway, Executive Director, OTEF & Joan Koerber Walker, Chairman of OTEF:

  1. Huge and well deserved congrats at #azec12 to @hardaway and @joankw for their unending support for #az #entreprenuers!! on an awesome event!
  2. You deserve the beautiful words. well done.
  3. I’m liking where AZ is heading!

In closing, according to Twitterverse: There is talent and passion in this town…you just need to:

“Find your only-ness, and put a flag in the ground, so you can say: “We own this!”
Excerpt from: Mark Rukavina, iMemories


Here is the picture source.
Here is more information about Gangplank featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2011

AZEC12 attendees please note:

Since this was an experiment that we can all learn from…
could you post a short comment below.

ALL other readers please note:
If you attend events on a regular basis, what trends are you noticing?

Here is a complete coverage from someone who attended the event that lists all the speakers and topics.

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