Want to “Lady Gaga” your Personal Brand?

I like to provide real life examples that we, as entrepreneurs, can relate to and learn from. But I also realize that we can learn lessons from anyone, and sometimes extreme examples help drive the point home.  In essence, your personal brand is the perception that others have of you. It is your reputation, and with thought and attention to detail, your reputation can be managed and leveraged to wherever you want it to go!

Let’s learn about the managed and leveraged power behind the Lady Gaga personal brand:

The power of a UNIQUE BRAND: Lady Gaga Branded as Mother Monster

Whether you like her or not, Lady Gaga stands out from the crowd with her personal brand.  Her essence of being, distinction and conscious voice of purpose, is truly the secret sauce.  She has captured the hearts of a population that can use a little hope. Her personal story sings on stage, in the media and to her fans that she openly adores.

What is the personal story behind her brand?  Gaga is like the Kaliesque figure in Hinduism, so black that she can absorb any negativity and eat it up, all while and wielding a sword to protect her young children. In Gaga’s case, she embraces the downtrodden misfits who are teased in school, as she was. She wants to give those who didn’t belong, anyone who smacks of being too different, a little too off the beaten track, a little too weird – a safe haven.

  • The power of PURPOSE

Oprah, Madonna, and Lady Gaga — these female icons carry immeasurable marketing weight. Behind each of these women is a cause and their own story.

  • The power of PASSION

A successful brand fueled by passion can feed on its own self generated public relations and marketing to a degree. But more importantly, the response from the audience, clients and the media will create the longevity needed to keep a brand booming.

  • The power of FOCUS

On the “poker” face of it, Lady Gaga rose to the top of Forbes Top Celebrity 100 power list pretty fast, and she used extreme, controversial tactics to get there.  At first, I didn’t “get it”,  then I realized that ALL of her thoughts and actions were aimed at getting to the top, and that is where she landed.  Focus, focus, and more focus until she got there (quickly!!).

  • The power of COMMUNITY

Lady Gaga is inviting her “little monsters” and the UserFarm community in Europe to create a fan video version of Born This Way, and Lady Gaga will personally select the winner for the “Little Monsters Video Awards.”

The creative brief to her fans: Create videos that represent the uniqueness of every human being.

In closing: Be bold! Grab attention!
Yes, that is great advice when it comes to personal branding.  But, the trouble arises when the advice gets implemented carelessly, thoughtlessly or inappropriately. Then there’s a lot of flash and dash, but little response. Those targeted get confused or turned off instead of attracted.

So, remember… this is your reputation, your brand, and you make the choices.

2 comments for “Want to “Lady Gaga” your Personal Brand?

  1. Cindy Goodman McGee
    June 7, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    Purpose :: Focus :: Passion . 
    These Magic Three are requirements to success.
    The boldness to speak * Your Truth* can only be sustained if it is really your truth.

    This seemingly motivational quote
      “Fake it ’til You Make It ” 
    is more like a Spray Tan. It may not impart the result you hope for. And if it does? Great. But it will fade away. 
    Bring your *Authentic* it is always the right color.

    Purpose :: Focus :: Passion :: Authenticity :: These are the Magic Four
    (with no need to worry about orange hands!)

    • June 7, 2011 at 8:31 pm

      Hi Cindy,
      Very well said and true, thank you!
      You’ve discovered the magic ingredients to long lasting brand success and happiness.
      Love the spray tan visual 🙂

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