Want to Quit Your Job? Become a Personal Brand.

One third of Americans want to quit their jobs, and millions of Americans are depressed trying to get a job in the first place. Some job seekers are even starting their own businesses because they feel that it’s easier than sending out a few thousand resumes every month.

When your boss, co-workers, and executives view you as a valuable asset, it is highly likely that you will have a very successful career. This, of course, is only possible if you enjoy your job in the first place. If you hate your job, then you will never be able to become indispensable because there will always be someone else in the world who will do the same work with a smile!

In case you start your own business, keep your job or decide to switch jobs, here are some ideas for you to become indispensable and add value to your personal brand:

Be a superstar outside of the office

When you get out of work, you have ample time to build your personal brand.  Focus on building new relationships at conferences, at networking events, by doing charity work, blogging, social networking, and by joining special interest groups. Build a blog, and a following, so you can become a thought leader in your industry.  Build on online presence that can allow you to connect with people higher up in your organization freely and without any aggressive tactics.

When you do great work outside of the office, the positive energy and work you do makes its way back into the office in the form of positive word-of-mouth.

Position yourself as the go-to expert in your field

The best way to get visibility at work is to become “THE” expert in your field. If you are the top excel spreadsheet expert, or the most savvy social media expert in your company, for example, your value will skyrocket! But, if those skills aren’t valued by your company and/or industry, then it won’t make a difference.

Remember to always stay relevant to your industry because the opposite of relevant is irrelevant. By being the go-to expert, people will call upon you when the right projects surface, instead of you having to search for your next assignment.

Go above and beyond the call of duty

You’ve heard the saying “under promise and over deliver.” You always have to do more than you’re asked to do in the workplace if you want to create value, respect, and trust. Work later, harder, and faster than your co-workers and you will be miles ahead of them.

Don’t complain about doing work, especially online where what you say is public. Always be looking to do more and challenge yourself.

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