Want your Audience to be Engaged and Take Action?

Who doesn’t want to engage their audience?  Who doesn’t want an audience to take action?  Who doesn’t want to overcome S.A.S. syndrome?  But, did you know that you have to earn the attention first?  Oh wait, “What is S.A.S.?” you may ask…or you may have already forgotten that you were thinking about it.  S.A.S. = Short Attention Span syndrome.

Think of engagement as getting engaged.  Yes, social media is similar to dating.  You have to introduce yourself first, have a conversation and then go home and screen for beliefs, credibility and misc. information to form your impression.  Then you see if you want to have another conversation to get to know each other.  You wouldn’t just meet someone and plant a kiss (action) on their cheek, would you?  I hope not… those are not proper manners.

Let’s get back to basics, so you can attract true engagement to create a lasting relationship:

  1. Listen
  2. Discover
  3. Engage 

Here are some tips to think about:

1. Have you told your brand story with human actors and emotions? 

> Shed your ego and show that you are human if you want to establish trust and loyalty

2. Is your content fresh and does it appeal to your target audience?

> Keep it to your expertise and where you can add value to become that “go-to person”

When you are ready for your audience to take action, it is important to remember that if you don’t see immediate results, you probably won’t see them later.

Don’t try to please everyone, because you can’t.  Stick to your expertise and what you do. Don’t worry and be patient — we are all social media scientists and everyone is on a continual learning curve.  It is about trial and error and knowing that one size doesn’t fit all.  Remember peer pressure – don’t jump off the cliff because everyone else is doing it.

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