What about your brand voice?

ChristinaAguileraWe ladies spend tons of energy toward changing, enhancing and attempting to perfect our skin, hair, bodies, houses, relationships and businesses … but, what about our brand voice?

As you know deep down inside, it’s not about what you say, it’s about how you sound when you say it.  It comes down to mustering up just enough courage, confidence and conviction to ensure your message is sent, received and understood.

We all know what the “It.” factor looks like, but, unfortunately, ladies frequently underestimate and even unconsciously hinder their most important communication tool … their voice.

“The voice is never just the voice.  It’s the way we express how we feel about ourselves.  It’s a powerful psychological instrument connecting our inner and outer worlds.”¹

You don’t have to be in the public spotlight to have and use your brand voice.  Being a researcher and a participant in the new media world since 2008, let me assure you that we are all a media company, we all have a unique voice and we all have a powerful story to share; we just have different stages we choose to share it on …

I challenge you to read the below paragraph twice – once as a listener and twice as if you were Christina Aguilera – just fill in the blanks with your own personal adjectives and story:

Does a singer like Christina just wake up and become a pop icon and earn the brand “Voice of a Generation“?² Of course not.  She started as a young child unleashing her raw passion in front of any audience she could find, watched their positive and negative reactions and listened to their feedback.  After many years of honing and practicing her unique voice, she slowly developed her confidence to back it up and stand out from the crowd.  Like all of us, she has a back story filled with childhood drama, overcame the odds stacked against her, and put herself, her emotions and her words out there anyway. In addition, she took BIG creative risks failing and succeeding, but continually moving forward.  She also persevered through relationship struggles, disappeared, then reinvented herself time after time and is in the spotlight once again. Reinvention is part of evolution, along with being normal and necessary to remain relevant and earn the spotlight.

PhonesDoesn’t that sound like you?  It sure sounds like me, my colleagues, clients and friends. It doesn’t matter whether your audience is your children, spouse, partner, pet(s), general public or your clients … everyone has to start somewhere.  Many of the BIG time public speakers (alive and dead) started with an audience of 2 people.  Let me reassure you, 2 people make an audience and if you are speaking, you are a public speaker trying to persuade or inspire because you have an important message to share.  Find your brand voice and you will find your audience.

With everything in life and every risk YOU choose to take, there are rewards and consequences:

Rewards — This list is endless … helping someone change their self-worth, path, destiny or value because of you is priceless.  You could also become an honored guest, paid speaker or panelist, sell videos, make a movie, etc.

Consequences — This list is short because it is filled with self-sabotage and you will end up feeling small, unnoticed and unheard.

Being safe is an illusion, so I urge you to get brave and focus on the rewards YOU desire in order to “Power up!®” your brand voice today.


¹ Elle Magazine Article by Heidi Julavits and quote by Helen-Gary Bishop

² Wikipedia

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