What is a Brand? New YouTube series is released to answer this!

personal-brandingWhat is a Brand? Answering that question is like accounting … go to 1o professionals and you’ll get 10 different results.  Even though, taxes are more tangible and deal with quantity more than quality, there are still many variables combined with the human element.
Ask 10 professionals “What is a Brand?” and you’ll get 10 different answers. The real reason is because, like the  accountant example, there are many variables combined with the human element, but what it boils down to is that branding is intangible and deals with quality more than quantity.
Hey, since my first marketing job in 1991 was selling the intangible, and with four years of recent research, development, execution, and refinement under my belt — I’m ready to take on answering this question with 5 short (5 -10 minute) videos and 10 words. By the end of this 5-part series, you will have your answer!
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