What You and Your Brand Need – Simplicity!

SimplicityLooking at the picture from my September blog post, YAYit looks like my little startup is ready to finally take off!

Skipping on to NovemberLady, I felt so great inside, yet my outside world didn’t feel right.

Come December, I’m 13tired of getting knocked down and an epiphany arrives.

In January, along with phxrisingeveryone else, I think: “Great! Time to start fresh – Let’s go!”

And then boom, I got knocked down again.

By now, you might think you are seeing a pattern here, but not to fear… my name is not Muhammad Ali and I don’t get paid to fight for a living.

But we all have to go through some kind of fight at some time in one way or another… and it isn’t about what has happened or happens to us; it is how we deal with it, and that is how we get paid… with character building and peace of mind by knowing that we did the right thing when we can realize that we  gave it our best.

This February blog is not posted on the first of the month, like I usually do, and I’m okay with that because family comes first.  Unfortunately, my dad has passed, but I did the right thing… I took the time to heal properly with a wonderful supportive team of family, friends, and clients, but this blog is not about my life… it is about my life lessons that can relate to branding and show you how important character building is to branding.

Recently, a client told me that she was running a marathon but was upset that it was taking away time from her business.  I let her know that her perception was a little skewed and asked her what inspired her to decide that 2013 was the year to do the marathon.  She let me know that I had inspired her, so I asked her what she thought of me after she found out that I finished my marathon… and then the best thing happened — she answered her own question.

I urge you to ask yourself these 3 questions to gain simplicity and strengthen your brand:

  1. Who do you want standing next to you when unpopular decisions arise?
  2. Who doesn’t belong in your life anymore?
  3. What personal reasons do you have for wanting to become a better person?

In closing, I’d like to share an excerpt from my fathers eulogy, which was and will be the hardest speech I’ve ever had to give in my life:

“…Anyone who knew my dad, whether he was involved with work or play, knew he was a man of strong, loving and genuine character from start to finish, no matter who he was with, where he was or what the circumstances were.

My dad, a man of strong character, emitted a powerful life force from start to finish. And now, I, possibly along with you, will have a higher power to answer to.  I am proud to be my fathers daughter and because he taught me to keep moving forward, no matter the circumstances, I know I will be able to fill those BIG legacy shoes of his… filled with great memories, a plethora of lessons and abundant spirit he left for me; along with a personal promise to him to live life to the fullest each and every day, no matter the circumstances!”

Until we “talk via my blog” next month, I wish you inspiration, motivation and accountability for positive energy, mental clarity, and emotional balance to have the best attitude that will help you shine and be the best brand you can be!

Power up!®

DISCLAIMER: You may be wondering why I titled this blog “simplicity” and why it may sound complicated or why I keep talking about character. Well, I love to simplify the complex and when someone passes or you make an important decision to tackle a personal accomplishment, you need simplicity first before you can move forward to tackle the complex.  You need to get rid of those things, projects, and people that aren’t serving you anymore and you need to become aware of those people that aren’t going to understand your personal needs, hopes and dreams or help you move closer to your personal goals that will strengthen your character.  Ultimately, branding is about what people say or feel about you when you aren’t in the room, so if your words, promises, and actions match the experience you deliver; you will become a “Brand Magnet!” naturally.

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