Who is Kathy?

It’s not about what I can say about myself;

it’s about what others will experience after I meet them.


Kathy was very instrumental in organizing who my authentic self was with ease and grace as I was crying over my identity crisis (a.k.a. “Who the heck am I?”).

She is incredibly intuitive and knows how to help people quickly answer this common question, along with narrowing down what services to offer and know who I served best, while providing strategical guidance and motivation just when I needed it most!

Jennifer Shaffer, World-Renowned Evidential Intuitive Medium



Kathy proved to be extremely creative and very giving. I love the fact that I could count on her also for community involvement. A truly giving person.

Clarissa Burt, Producer, Author, Speaker, TV & Radio Personality



Kathy was very helpful, informative and creative in her approach to helping me brand my business. I am very impressed!

Amy Vail, Psychologist



Working with Kathy is always a pleasure! She is extremely diligent, thoughtful, and very good at what she does. I’ve worked with her on a few projects and she does a great job of helping others realize their brand potential.

Gelie, Founder & Entrepreneur


Kathy omichael-mixpened up the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of social media and branding at her Power up! Seminar. Her input has reduced my marketing expenses and helped me focus to find my ideal client.

Michael Mix, Business Development Agent


Ladies dena-pattonWho Brand is helping my nonprofit with branding and it has been SUCH a huge help. It’s hard to see your own message/brand promise etc ‘through the trees’ and with Kathy’s help you WILL!

Dena Patton, Nonprofit Co-Founder, Speaker & Coach


I kimber-leighworked with a very special lady, Kathy Bass. She turned my career around and I could not thank her enough. If you are stuck…Kathy turns those business obstacles around.

Kimber Leigh, Actor & Producer


Kathy Bass is truly an expert at branding and branding strategies. I have known Kathy for over a year, and she is passionate about guiding business professionals to make sound branding decisions. Kathy takes the time to understand you, your business and your goals. She works with you to effectively communicate your brand, and her strategies will guarantee your brand is recognized and consistent across all media.

dolores-serightKathy’s insight provided the breakthrough I needed to recognize my brand when I was struggling to connect the dots. I would highly recommend Kathy if you are ready to take your business to a higher level and work with an expert who wants you to succeed.

Dolores Seright, Director & Speaker


chris-rosepapaKathy is very knowledgeable in Branding Strategy and has helped several get a clearer vision of what they are trying to accomplish, what they need to communicate and how to align their goals and brand with who they are. She is able to help business distinguish themselves in unique and effective ways.

Chris Rosepapa, Creative Director


Kathy probert-smithrovides great insight and training in personal branding. Her ability to help one focus on just who they are and who they can become is extraordinary. She is highly recommended to entrepreneurs and leaders in any capacity.

Robert Smith, Entrepreneur Newbie


Kathy has been a positive force in the lives of women who are in the process of launching their businesses and promoting their branmonique-reidyds.

She’s an expert in social media and she has a passion to impact women and help them make the most of who they are and what they have to offer.

Kathy is hard-working, innovative and creative. Her drive and vision for Power up! Seminar at Ladies Who Brand has positively impacted countless women and she is a worthy mentor to women in pursuit of further success.

Monique Reidy, Publisher


My exmary ross smithperience with Kathy has been enlightening and inspiring. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Kathy takes on a project and does not let go until it has succeeded to her expectations.

I am grateful for what she has taught me.

Mary Ross Smith, Author & Speaker



You simplify something that is confusing almost everyone, and provide very effective action steps.

Tom Walker , Entrepreneur



kathy-heasleyThere are “idea” people and then there are “idea and action” people and that describes Kathy Bass. Watch what she says she’ll do because she’ll do it!

Kathy Heasley, Founder & Principal


Branding, to me, is just like being a sculptor shaping a stone into an image of solidity
and significance, except my stone is a wonderful, living, and breathing human being.
Kathy with a Y