You Can Become an Entrepreneur

Think You CanOne of the most common definitions of an entrepreneur is:

A person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on risk to do so.

My definition of an entrepreneur is:

Anyone who is the captain of their own ship, their destiny if you will, and that means EVERYONE.

I meet people that aren’t employed or are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur due to economic circumstances and unfortunately, they are frozen in fear.  So I ask them, if you aren’t employed, does that mean you shouldn’t have an individual identity or conduct yourself and operate within the guidelines of yourself? Why do you have to wait for someone else to validate your identity?  Aren’t you already taking on risks everyday?

Certainly, what you say and what you do matter in a good or bad way.  You get to decide what to say and do, then you live and learn from the rewards or consequences of your actions.

Most people have a purpose, want to contribute to society, and be part of something bigger.

Here are five of the most thought-provoking, action-inducting “You” quotations from Seth Godins’ book, Poke the Box that I hope can free you to think about becoming an entrepreneur:

  1. ”Imagine that the world had no middlemen, no publishers, no bosses, no HR folks, no one telling you what you could do. If you lived in that world, what would you do? Go. Do that.”
  2. “The relentless brainwashing of our fading industrial economy has created an expensive misunderstanding.  Creative people or those with something to say believe they have to wait to be chosen . . . Reject the tyranny of picked.  Pick yourself.”
  3.  “Why isn’t every restaurant meal a fabulous buy for the money? Why isn’t every tax dollar spent with the intensity and focus it could be spent with? It seems as though we’re willing to accept mediocre as long as the product, the service, or the organization isn’t totally broken.”
  4. “Please stop waiting for a map. We reward those who draw maps, not those who follow them.”
  5.  “The market is obsessed with novelty. So go make some. We’re tired of your old stuff.”

Begin Doing


Start small, and think BIG.

Nearly every start-up founder exaggerates his company’s size to impress.  This is silly and unnecessary, not to mention inauthentic.  Don’t be insecure about your solo status, be happy and stay focused on the results you can deliver. You will add value and grow.

Celebrate your smallness!

Being small is nothing to be insecure or ashamed about.  Small is great. Small is independence.  Small is opportunity.  Celebrate it!  Don’t hide from it.  Be upfront, and honest, and bask in your smallness.  It is an advantage!

—> Feel free to post your comments below about what’s holding you back or why you want to be an entrepreneur!

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