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Your Invitation to Branding Success.

Are you an entrepreneur or start-up with a big idea? Do you want to rebrand, revamp, reinvent, or evolve to the next level of your business quickly, efficiently, and effectively?

As someone who has turned a BIG dream into a reality, I now know what you need to bring your BIG dream to life… and to then shape it into a successful, valuable, and sustainable brand that is true to your vision, beliefs, and goals. Consider me your BBF (Best Branding Friend).

The Story.

Ladies Who Brand, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Kathy Bass. After she experienced and solved her own personal and challenging “brand identity crisis”, Kathy set out to partner with, teach, and motivate other entrepreneurs to action with her unique Power up! ® Branding strategies and tips.  By implementing these powerful, yet simple steps, you will be able to identify your compelling brand value which will propel you and your brand to success. Swim out of the Sea of Sameness today.


“Your brand is you and all your strengths and everything you have to offer,” says Kathy Bass, founder of Phoenix-based Ladies Who Brand Inc. “You’re essentially the CEO of You Inc. The stronger and better you can communicate that, the bigger you can become.”

Arizona Republic (November 2011)

 Kathy Bass and others

Power up!® Your Personality, Important Voice, Original Style
and Unique Value to Attract Your Ideal Audience Here.