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A great brand helps you shine on the outside.

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Welcome to a collaboration of brand identity education brought to you by many ladies who have joined me along my 8-year journey at one or more of the following stops

Branding Educator, Freelancer, Consultant, Seminar Leader, Author, Conference Journalist, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Video Host, and Movie Director who has come full circle to Branding Mentor & Entrepreneur Educator.

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I love to simplify the complex world of branding. Because if you can understand the bigger picture and how the process works you can save time and energy for the things that matter to you. 

Understanding how the branding process works, along with discovering the first steps and the next steps is the foundation to a solid and great brand.

I wrote a short book for you to DIY on a budget ($8.88) but we can also schedule an appointment on the phone.