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Are you an entrepreneur or start-up with a big idea? Do you want to rebrand, revamp, reinvent, or evolve to the next level of your business quickly, efficiently, and effectively?

“As someone who has turned a BIG dream into a reality,” says Kathy Bass, ”I know what you need to accomplish your dream—to shape it into a successful, valuable, and sustainable brand that is true to your vision, beliefs, and goals.

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The Story:

Ladies Who Brand, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Kathy Bass. After she experienced and solved her own personal and challenging “brand identity crisis”, Kathy set out to partner with, and motivate other entrepreneurs with her own Power up! ® Branding strategies and tips.  By implementing these powerful, yet simple steps, you will identify your compelling brand value, and propel you and your brand to success.

The Power up!® Team:

Kathy’s extensive business, marketing, psychology and design background and experience is backed by an equally experienced, enthusiastic, and talented team of designers, web architects, wordsmiths, photographers, videographers, storytellers, social media and technology partners. We all have one goal: to guide you through your own branding process to amazing and successful results.


“Everyone is a brand, whether they want to be or not. You better take control and manage it to make sure that other people’s perception matches the reality that you want them to see.”
Kathy Bass, Founder, Ladies Who Brand, Inc. Arizona Republic (March 2012)

 Kathy Bass and others

Power up!® Your Personality, Important Voice, Original Style
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