Branding Book

Power up!® Branding

Contains easy-to-use tools to jumpstart your core brand to top-level awareness.

FINAL Power up! Branding cover

In 5 powerful steps, you’ll learn how to implement the WHAT, WHY & HOW TO steps that will make your brand stand out from the competition. There is no fluff or nonsense in this book — just tons of valuable guidance, valuable, time-saving tips and money saving exercises so you to be the best brand you can be!

Investment: Only $8.88!

BONUS: Includes 8 pages of dynamic Power up!® exercises to create maximum brand value!

Author: Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady® has combined over 15 years of business and marketing expertise with knowledge of client psychology, and relevant branding research into a unique branding process. She has distilled and defined what works and what doesn’t into a comprehensive guide of timesaving and money-saving exercises, each designed to create a brand that succeeds on all levels.


If you want to discover, create and communicate your unique brand plus have fun doing it, you’ll want to own this workbook from Ladies Who Brand. The “Power up! Branding” workbook motivates and asks the right questions to move you forward.
Elia Martinez, LA Geek Founder

I got your book today…wow!! I’m so impressed..cause I feel as though I’m more than half way there …I have a brand!! A very unique and personal one!! But there was one little sentence that you said that clobbered me upside the was…”you are a professional and professionals get paid for what they do.” Wow…for what ever reason deep within me I felt because it was such a huge gift being able to do what I do..I felt guilty getting paid for it, but something just clicked in me after reading that.
Cricket Fosnaugh, The Pencil Whisperer

This book is hopeful without being preachy.
Whit Crane, Ugly Kid Joe Founding Member

Kathy will show you the what, why and how to’s for you to build a successful and powerful brand. I would describe her Power up! Branding book as:  Inspirational, Motivational and Thoughtful. It’s an important tool to have in creating more awareness for your brand.
Elaine Hollifield, Hollifield Creative Founder

Thanks for sharing this book!  I always enjoy learning new ways to grow and how to become more productive.
Jeff Daley, Story Play Founder

I got my book today. I saw the mail lady coming and I almost tackled her to get it…so this is a great day to start!
Marian Gripka, Personal Brand

Don’t you hate those amazingly simple but deeply profound books that leave you no excuse to keep making an excuse?
Well my friend and fellow survivor and now ‘thriver’ in life, Kathy Bass just wrote her first book called: Power up!® Branding.
And as a community college dropout, I was nervous when Kathy’s little ‘Da Vinci’ didn’t ‘Pop up’ or smell like ‘Cherry licorice’ when I kept scratching it. But Kathy kept it real… kept it easy to grasp… and kept it engaging by incorporating a ‘workbook’ template so we can ‘Show our work’.  So help yourself… know yourself… and market yourself!!
Eric Lyden, Comedian

I wanted to tell you that I am really enjoying your book. It is making me think a lot about my idea and how to put it together to make it attractive. I am reading it slowly and try to get all the juice out of it.
Marcela Gonzalez, Lady with an Idea